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AEO Conference 2019


AEO Conference

05 Sep 2019
  1. Neil Laughton is an award winning entrepreneur and record breaking adventurer. Once you’ve seen Neil’s keynote session at the AEO Conference, you’ll wonder why you’d never heard of him before. An expert in survival, Neil is going to share expertise gained throughout his career as a Royal Marine, a ... Read more
  2. Diversity means different things to different people. In this session, the panellists will discuss what diversity means to them, whether the perception of the industry is reality and where, drawing from their own experiences, improvements can be made. At the AEO Forums, Karen Blackett highlighted ... Read more
  3. Hanover Lounge
  4. The events industry thrives under a bit of pressure, but how do we manage our organisations to ensure that this remains productive stress and doesn’t tip over into mental distress? When stress is prolonged and extensive it can become a mental health issue – with knock on effects of sickness absence, ... Read more
  5. In this session, Jochen Witt will reveal what he believes ‘venues of the future’ will look like for the events industry. Looking at evidence of what has changed in recent years and how advancements in technology and data science are shaping the way venues are marketed and managed, Jochen will focus ... Read more
  6. As the saying goes, “fortune favours the brave”. This is certainly the case for Simon Kimble. Throughout his career in the industry, Simon’s taken his fair share of risks, not always with a happy ending. From shopping centres, to caravans and ‘deals of the century’, Simon will share some of the ... Read more
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06 Sep 2019
  1. Hit, miss or maybe? In this panel session, three experts in brand extension will take you through the highs and lows of stretching a brand’s elastic. The panel will discuss what it’s like to take a leap of faith by taking a brand from a TV show or magazine to the show floor, or to a new market. As ... Read more
  2. Building brands is strategically more important than ever before. In this session you will find out why switching from a sales led model to a marketing model is vital if you want to thrive rather than merely survive.  Grant Leboff strongly believes that engaging with the “attention” economy ... Read more
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