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AEO Conference

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AEO Conference

06 Sep 2018
  1. Day 1
  2. Stephan Jung is considered one of the most intuitive commentators of mega trends.  Stephan doesn’t just report on them, however, he forecasts, analyses and comes up with business strategies for capitalising on them. Stephan’s expertise in predicting future trends has led to him forecasting the rise ... Read more
  3. This is going to be fun and insightful! If you want to know how the industry is making the most of 21st century technology (or not!) this is the session for you. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers – are you a Little Miss Helpful/Mr Perfect or Little Miss Scatterbrain/Mr Nonsense? What is ... Read more
  4. Day 1
    Break-out sessions
  5. In this session, Chairman and Founder of Soluis Group, Martin McDonnell will bring to life how the development of shared immersive solutions and advanced AR assisted tools are benefiting industry and transforming the world of work.  
  6. Three leading brand experience experts will discuss and debate what, why and how technology could be the answer to event organisers’ prayers.  The panelists won’t pull any punches when it comes to their views on why the industry should stop thinking of technology as a novelty and start putting the ... Read more
  7. Coffee & Networking Break
  8. Interactive technology session - more will be revealed on the day!
  9. Drinks Reception
  10. Evening Meal
07 Sep 2018
  1. Coffee & Networking
  2. Industry leaders reveal what it takes to launch and grow an events business, how to manage risk and overcome cultural differences using man and machine. 
  3. Coffee & Networking
  4. Jeremy looks at the unexpected ways new developments in AI and interconnectivity are changing established markets and industries through good design, a focus on the user, and only using technology when it adds value - all key focus areas for the events industry!
  5. Lunch & Depart

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